Pearl jewelries have been around for a very long time, used by royalties as fancy accessories along with jewelries made gold, silver and other gems. In China, the emperor was offered a gift of pearls, this was the first record of pearls being used and ever since then, royalties have strived to own and keep these gems and have since passed them down to their children and grandchildren. These pearls where not only used to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, but were also used as ornamentations for crowns, and soon as ornaments on furniture and tombs.


However, pearls were not easily found and harvested, indeed they were coveted jewels making them only available to the rich and elite. Pearls were hoarded by the upper class nobles of the time so much so that common people were never allowed to wear them. Click here to get started!



Nowadays, pearl culturing has been invented and has developed the pearl industry to the point that pearls and pearl jewelries are everywhere and are not expensive to boot. Quality pearls, when used can stand for grace, purity and simplicity.


To be able to buy the perfect pearl, several factors must be considered including:


Pearl Type. As far as pearls are concerned, there are two kinds, the freshwater kind and the saltwater kind. Freshwater pearls are the better choice if you want your pearl to be an ornament to something else, as the pearls will fit any odd nook and cranny considering they come in different shapes, colors and sizes. However, if you tend to prefer the more traditional white, glossy and perfectly round pearls, then you should opt to buy saltwater pearls instead. Also, consider the fact that wherever region of the world a pearl comes from, this pearl may have differing qualities from other pearls coming from other parts of the world. Check these resources:


Another important feature to be considered is the quality of the pearl itself. Normally, some pearls fetch for far more depending on their size, but one should always look for a round shape, good shine and gloss, and a smooth surface.



The color, shape and size of a pearl can also be of great importance when selecting a pearl to purchase. As far as shapes are concerned, pearls can come in  a wide variety of them such as irregular, teardrop-shaped, and oval, but the round ones are more expensive. When choosing a size, keep in mind that the larger a pearl is, the more expensive it will be. Pearls come in different colors too, but no matter what it's color will be, the price remains unaffected. Read more about pearls here.